Agostino Arrivabene

Stage Designer

Born in 1967 in Rivolta d’Adda, Cremona.
He graduated from Fine Arts academy in Milano, but his real formation comes with the direct observation of the ancient masters and their works, studied in many museums of Europe and the world, looking for a way to merge the poetics of past and the search for Beauty with the contradictory reality of present time.

His artistic research develops under the guide of ancient masters, particularly Leonardo, Durer, Van Eyck and all the early Flemish, and Rembrandt.

In his personal anti-modern journey Agostino discovers by himself traditional painting techniques, coming to the artisanal preparation of colors in a continuous investigation of the ancient mediums used in paintings in the past centuries.

His works are characterized by a strong visionary charge with a preference for symbolic language and are made of precious materials no longer used nowadays, all handcrafted by the artist himself.