Aleksandra Kurzak & Roberto Alagna on the front page of April issue of “OPER! Das Magazin”

Aleksandra Kurzak & Roberto Alagna are on the front page of the latest issue dated April of ‘Oper Magazin’. Check out the JOINT INTERVIEW they granted to the editorial team of the German magazine, who has met the two artists a few weeks ago ► (also available in e-Paper)

“Actually, Aleksandra Kurzak could barely speak to respond to the OPER! interview, an infection had paralyzed her voice, but she bravely went through the interview alongside Roberto Alagna – at a safe distance from her husband, who did not want to be contaminated. A discussion about choice of roles, career planning, and what life is like for a couple of opera singers. They are the ideal couple: Aleksandra Kurzak brings a little more order in her husband’s life, he gives her his poetry and artistic talent. As their crazy life is well organized, they were able to respond together to the OPER magazine interview!”

Photo: Karol Grygoruk